A Peaceful Atmosphere

Standing some 400 feet above sea level, crowning the top of a hill is Wardija Hilltop Village, incorporating many architectural and visual features that have made these age-old Mediterranean settlements famous the world over. Like the traditional village, Wardija Hilltop Village grows naturally out of the land on which it has been grafted, following the rise and fall of the land, blending into the natural skyline - yet having, as all Mediterranean villages do a dominating focal point, giving it a visual majesty most difficult to describe, yet most beautiful for the eye to behold.

There are a few places abroad where one feels instantly at home and one is at peace with the world. The Maltese village is one of these places - and so is Wardija Hilltop Village. Carved out of the slopes of a hill, with its all-round panoramic views of the sea, on both sides of the island, and of the long green valley which runs between Golden Sands and St. Paul's Bay with its picturesque harbour. There are large outside living rooms or terraces, so all may take advantage of one of the great pleasure in Malta - being able to spend so much time living and dining outdoors while enjoying views of terraced fields towards Golden Sands Bay and Xemxija Bay. The terraces have been planned as an extension of the living space. 

Our guests can make use of our swimming pool which is maintained daily during all seasons.


Wardija Hilltop Village

There are at present 25 apartments which have been planned so that the utmost advantage may be taken of the views of the sea and countryside, The guests have the advantage of living in a very select community, but at the same time with that important degree of individual privacy. Each apartment has a minimum living area space of 116 sq mtrs and a maximum of 177 sq mtrs. The whole of the external walls of the complex are finished in natural stone which has matured to the colour of the outcrops of natural rock. Terraces and retaining walls are built of the traditional dry-stone walling. Traditional wooden shutters and windows are used except for the aluminum sliding doors to terraces. Internally the apartments are generally finished with terrazzo floors, plastered walls and ceiling, and polished internal joinery. The skirting, sills and internal staircases are in polished travertine marble. 


FSM Estates

FSM Estates is a family owned company, set up since 1969. The firm’s head office is based in Malta’s capital city Valletta. Wardija Hilltop Village is owned and managed by FSM Estates.